Triple Threat Talent was created to bridge the gap between the Washington, DC area’s highly skilled actors, and film and video producers who are looking for talented, versatile performers for their projects.

In recent years, DC’s acting-talent pool has undergone a sea change, as growing numbers of talented, well-trained actors now choose to move to the DC area instead of New York, drawn by increased acting opportunities and a better quality of life.

Yet up until now, there’s been a major disconnect between DC’s acting community and the media production community.

Triple Threat has erased that divide. With its deep knowledge of the local acting community, Triple Threat can save time and money for productions shooting in DC, Maryland or Virginia, by enabling them to cast their projects with local actors whose skills and experience are the equal of those in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.

Actors represented by Triple Threat are known for their consistently high-quality work, their reliability, and their on-set professionalism.    Serving DC, Maryland and Virginia    703-628-1664